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Can you tell me more about your ethical principles?


HAS is absolutely committed to only selling items that have been produced in an environment that is supportive to those creating them.

Our supplier in Sri Lanka is Fairtrade certified and was specifically chosen by us for their strong ethics about supporting their staff through paying them well and helping them improve their living standards. Here are just a few of their ways of working that we particularly admire:


1. They recognise their staff are skilled workers with expertise in handicrafts and see them as valued artisans.


2. They purposefully chose not to operate with a central factory (or headquarters), preferring regional offices, to allow their artisans to have a workplace within easy distance of their own homes.


3. We were also hugely excited by the fact they operate a creche, to allow parents to continue work in a supportive environment for their families.

4. HAS wants to support traditional cottage industries, with heritage value, by expanding demand for these products. Our supplier has been at the forefront of challenging the decline in these cottage industries by  working to reverse the pattern, with beautiful, quality products, created by experts.

Why don't you sell all your products online?


Unfortunately, HAS does not have the resources to receive and process online sales for all our products at the moment. We hope to do this soon but it is unlikely to be possible for a while and ask for your patience till then. Do check this website for updates on when and where you can buy our products in person. You can also get updates on our Facebook page and on Twitter.

You clearly use dyes in your products - are they polluting the environment? 

Our products are woven using yarn which is dyed with AZO-free, PCP tested, eco friendly dyes. A wastewater plant treatment ensures that the environment is protected at the same time.

Are your products machine-washable? And does the colour fade when washed?

Yes, they are machine-washable and no, the fabrics do not fade. For example, each of the partners at HAS owns scarves from our range that we have owned for over ten years and colours have survived mutiple washes and stayed as bright as when we first bought them.

Give us examples of what other products you plan to sell in the future?

We have so many ideas it's too much to list here! From aprons, to beach wraps, to hairbands, to table cloths, to bracelets and earrings. We will announce all new arrivals on this website, but also via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so make sure you follow us on social media for updates.

Are all your available products featured on this website, or do you have more?


The pictures on this website are examples of what we have available in our current range. That is cushion covers, placemats, napkins, coasters, necklaces, purses and beach totes. We hope to widen our range over the coming months.

Who is HAS?


HAS is Heshika, Ayomi and Sabina - three friends who met while at school in Colombo, Sri Lanka and now live in our adopted home of London.

Can we buy your products in bulk?

If you are interested in buying our products in bulk, please get in touch using the contact forms below so we can make sure we have enough stock in place, or can order stock from Sri Lanka.


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