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About handloom

We are quite often asked for more information on handloom, so here’s some information on how our products are made.

The starting point is when the cotton yarn is dyed (using environmentally-friendly dyes). The yarn is boiled, coloured, washed and dried and spun on to bobbins to create the warp. The warp is the length-wise yarn through which the weft is drawn. The weft is threaded through the warp using a shuttle. Handlooms were the original weaver's tool, with the shuttle being threaded through alternately raised warps by hand.

This then becomes the beautiful scarves, cushion covers, napkins, coasters, bags etc. from the HAS range. By-products are recycled to create jewellery, including HAS necklaces.

Overall, this is a labour-intensive process. The wonderful thing about handloom weaving, however, is that it is a cottage industry, and artisans are able to practise their craft locally or at home.

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